Massage therapy

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Studies continue to suggest the physical and emotional benefits of using massage as therapy to:


Relieve Stress


Reduce Pain




Lower Blood Pressure


Improve Circulation


Strengthen Posture


Correct Breathing


Strengthen Immune System


Increase Flexibility

How we support you 

As Registered Massage Therapist’s we provide safe and effective treatments that target and treat your specific musculoskeletal needs. 

By providing a pre-clinic musculoskeletal assessment and recommending home care exercises, we empower you to take an active role in your healing process and increase your well-being.

Our clinic direct bills for ICBC and extended health benefits.

Pre-clinic Assessment 

A pre-clinic assessment is a part of every treatment plan. During your initial consultation we look at your medical history and conduct a musculoskeletal assessment to evaluate your goals and create an effective treatment plan.

The musculoskeletal assessment includes: postural, muscle palpation and musculoskeletal testing.

Massage Therapy Techniques

Depending on your exact needs treatments can consist of:

Muscle stripping

Muscle stretching

Muscle strengthening

Trigger point muscle ischemic compression

Joint mobilization

Connective tissue lengthening/unwinding

Pre-natal and post-natal massage

Home Care Advice

After massage therapy, you will be advised on home care exercises, stretches and/or hydro therapy applications tips for reinforcing massage therapy treatments and achieving treatment goals.

Rates for Massage Therapy

45 Minutes


60 Minutes


75 Minutes


90 Minutes


About Igor

Igor’s interest in massage therapy first began in Russia in the 80’s, where as a teenager he practiced soccer, swimming, track and field and judo. Between the ages of 12 to 16, while training for Judo 6 days a week, he discovered massage as a self-care technique and healing modality.

Throughout his athletic life and tree planting career in Canada, Igor encountered a number of musculoskeletal injuries ranging from muscle sprains, strains, contusions, spasms and functional scoliosis. He suffered from lower back muscle spasms due to postural muscle imbalances and weaknesses. This led him to learn more about how the body functions and how he could gain physical strength and balance back into his life.

With a passion to create positive well-being in both his and other people’s lives, Igor completed his Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) training at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2015 with 3000 hours of clinical practice. Prior to that he trained at the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage in 2010, with 700 hours of training.

With over 10 years massage experience, Igor incorporates the styles of deep tissue and general relaxation which includes: muscle stripping, muscle stretching, muscle strengthening, muscle energy, joint mobilization, trigger point muscle ischemic compression and pre-natal and post-natal massage into his practice.

Outside of work, Igor enjoys jogging, cycling, dancing, yoga, meditating, weight strengthening, kung-fu, swimming and hiking.

"Igor is a really nice guy with a calming persona. Once you've met him for the first time, you kind of get the feeling that you've known him longer due to the friendly manner with which you are treated. I like that, aside from the first session (when we spent a bit of time discussing my specific pains and what I was looking to achieve through the sessions), you spend nearly all of your time receiving treatment. The result is that you leave feeling as though you've gotten good value for your money, as the treatments themselves have been great!"

Tommy Reinerth – Maple Ridge

"Hands down the best masseur I have ever had. Igor is highly skilled, knowledgable and actually works out and addresses your problem areas. I got more out of a 1 hour massage with him than the lifetime of massages I've had with any other RMT. I want to shout from the rooftops that everyone must try him and I will be telling everyone. Would commute hours to get a massage from this man. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Sarah Harari, Maple Ridge

"Igor really listened to my concerns and did a great assessment to start the treatment. He makes you feel very comfortable and checks in with you for pressure. I left feeling a lot better & I was given great home-care to continue with my treatment plan. I definitely would recommend you visit him, you wont regret it."

Brittany Hampshire, Maple Ridge

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COVID update

Our RMT clinic is compliant with BC Canada COVID-19 regulations such as regular disinfection of the massage office space between clients, massage therapist’s wearing a mask at all times, self-screening and client screening for COVID-19 symptoms, proper laundering of all cloth material and wearing a clean aprons between each client.

Igor, RMT received his booster shot December, 2021.

To our patients:

Please arrive 5 minutes prior your appointment and wear a face mask upon entering the building, in the treatment room, while facing up on the massage table during massage treatment and upon leaving the building. Please disinfect your hands prior entering the building and upon leaving the clinical office space.

Please note the entrance to the clinic is next to Club 16 Fitness Center at Regus Offices on the 3rd floor. The building entrance is off Fraser Street which is a side street to Dewdney Trunk Road.

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Igor Mednikov
Registered Massage Therapist